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The DSH (Deutschen Sprachprfung fr den Hochschulzugang) is a language test demonstrating enough knowledge of the German language to be admitted to a German university.The test to get the DSH is organized by the university itself or from other schools commissioned to make the test on behalf of the university.One of the main difference with the testDAF is that the latter is a standardized test, this means the structure of the test is always the same only the content is different, regardless where you take the language test. Consider also that each test is corrected from the testDAF-Institute.On the contrary for the DHS there are guidelines, but in general, the implementation is done by the university, so the DSH is not a standardized and centralized test like the testDAF. This means the difficulty of the exam and its structure change among different universities.This also implies that a DSH exam is not equally recognized by all universities and it is possible, if you move to another university, you have to re-do the DSH test. For the sake of completeness, I have to add that there are currently attempts to standardize the DSH test, but the situation is still confused.The DSH is also comprised of 4 parts, like the testDAF, but the final mark is unique, differently from testDAF. The exam comprises a written and an oral test. The written test is intended to evaluate the following:

listening comprehension

written comprehension

text production

The oral test evaluates the following:

comprehension of a partner

ability to express a concept in an independent way

linguistic and lexical correctness

pronunciation and intonation

Each test (written and oral) is graded for itself and the final mark is the minimum between the two. For each test the grade is given calculating the percents of the number of achieved points over the total points and is expressed as follow:DSH-3, at least 82% of the total points

DSH-2, between 67 and 81%

DSH-1, between 57 and 66%

with less than 57% the test is failed.So for instance: if in the written test you get 76% of the available points, the mark of the written test is DSH-2, if in the oral test you get the 65% of the available points, the mark of the oral test is DSH-1, the final total mark for the test is the minimum of the two, then DSH-1. Buy valid TELC Certificate without exam online, Registered TELC C1, how to buy legit telc certificate without exam online for sale, get telc certificate online in India, buy real telc certificate for sale in Germany, buy certified telc certificate online without exam, buy telc certificate c1 online in Munich, Frankfurt, Buy TELC certificate c1, Buy TELC certificate without exam, buy legit telc, Buy Real TELC certificate c1 online for sale, buy telc certificate for sale in germany, telc certificate c1 without test, testdaf certificate c1, buy real telc c1 exam, buy valid telc certificate online for sale, buy real telc certificate c1 online, telc Deutsch A1, telc Deutsch A1 Junior, telc Deutsch A2, telc Deutsch A2+ Beruf, telc Deutsch A2 schule, Deutsch-Test fr Zuwanderer A2-B1, Deutsch-Test fr Zuwanderer A2-B1 Jugendintegrationskurs, Zertifikat Deutsch / telc Deutsch B1, telc Deutsch B1+ Beruf, telc Deutsch B1 Schule, telc Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege, telc Deutsch B2, telc Deutsch B2+ Beruf, telc Deutsch B2-C1 Medizin, telc Deutsch C1, telc Deutsch C1 Beruf, telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule, telc Deutsch C2, Buy original TELC Zertifikat .

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